These new Volvo Dealerships show how we work closely with other designers to help deliver branded buildings.

We think Volvo’s new dealership concept is fantastic and we are thrilled to be helping deliver the first in the North West. Replacing the traditional double height glass frontage with semi-opaque cladding and isolated apertures creates a sense of intrigue, inviting the customer to explore within. On entry the customer is welcomed by a domestic styled space which works to defuse any preconceptions concerning the traditional car showroom environment. Brilliant.


To aid this process, we employ Building Information Management (BIM) as this is central to our collaborative approach and coordination of supporting design disciplines. It allows all parties from designers to end users to visualise the concept, the space and the potential difficulties of a project. With the help of BIM, any complications can be eradicated allowing the end project to be de-risked. This ultimately reduces the cost of the build and minimises any delays which allows efforts to be focused on quality.

BIM is helping our clients visualise their buildings as the design develops and is adjusted to suit each site and the clients brief.